good people share: 0321

this newsletter started with a playlist and calendar of concerts. three years later, it’s a monthly digest of things that inform and motivate me to share with a community of good people.

dear good people,

it’s been a minute. “how you doin” sounds like a loaded question.

after the hiatus, it felt right to burn some digital sage and try something new with this newsletter. to start, i jumped on the substack bandwagon.

a lot has happened since the last edition of good people share that should excite, enrage, exhaust, synergize and inspire us.

let’s hope that everyone’s “we give a sh*t” attitude from 2020 prevails.

music share

this playlist is updated at the beginning of every month. it’s intended for a spectrum of moods and to be played from top to bottom.

archived playlists in spotify bio.

link share


too. much. plastic.

more zoom etiquette and less fatigue.

imagine if this classic gummy was remixed.

there is nothing quite like live music.

who knew the dalai lama endorsed books.

one consequence of losing the day. one example of winning the day.

“this art is a reflection of where we are today.”


the internet is blossoming sites that stream the sounds of places we miss, like the bar, office, city street, cafe and forest.

the founder of one of my go-to brands also makes a quality monthly playlist.

the science behind why you don’t like every track.


musicianship at its finest.

award winning depiction of awkward.

tribute to the big w in november. and stacey abrams.

this could be your living room.

mountain man, bon iver, hiss golden messenger, wye oak, mr. twin sister and mandolin orange get together.

“where’s waldo of portland stuff.”


if your superpowers don’t include remembering the name of your friend’s baby or dog.

down with anything danger mouse.

same with david attenborough (you know the voice).

some have learned how to bake bread, others to speed read.

background noise is more human.


faith explains - “in 2020, we saw a lot of people, mainly white people and a lot of other folks who hadn't really understood the ongoing urgency related to racism in the United States and around the world, wake up. I found myself extremely frustrated with what I saw as a lack of direction in what to do with this newfound energy and awareness. I decided to create this toolkit + habit tracker to do my part to point people in a helpful direction on what to do next.”

a unique deck of 55 hand painted oracle cards about coffee, carrying messages about the human psyche, the zodiac and other fun, illuminating messages from reem.

a beautiful tribute to portland hoops (on your coffee-table) in this first ever project from lemons x nguyen.